Growing up in Japan, I learned to love sushi at a young age. It is fun to visit the different Japanese restaurants around town and compare their cuisine to see how close it comes to the authentic stuff. Last year we discovered a new Japanese restaurant: Hibachi and Sushi Super Buffet in Pelham, AL. At first, when my husband told me the name, I didn't believe him. A sushi buffet? No way! Not until I walked in, and actually saw the sushi buffet, did I believe him, then I just loaded up my plate!
Seven pieces of sushi plus a mussel. I'd never had mussels before, and it was surprisingly yummy.
Six more pieces of sushi, plus clams and crab legs. I wasn't impressed in the least with the crab. I have had crab before (cold, but the real deal from Japan) and this didn't taste anything like that crab. I won't be getting any more. And the clam didn't slide down too well. But the sushi...was divine! I want to eat it slow to savour it. I want to eat it fast so I can consume more before my stomach sends the "full" signal to my brain.
This was my husband's plate. You can see he's not as much of a sushi fanatic as I am. But I think he enjoyed what food he chose. We have been back twice since this first visit, and we plan on taking my family here when they visit. If you've been wondering where to get me a gift card to...wonder no more! ;-)

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11/06/2012 5:47pm

Is that inarizushi on the side of Bill's plate? I'm already salivating just thinking about going at Christmas!! :)

11/08/2012 3:33pm


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