After making the countdown to Christmas calendar, we were both in Christmas craft moods. My son decided that we need to make a Christmas craft every day until Christmas. Well, I don't know about every day, but I will try to have more days of crafts than usual.

Where do I go when I need inspiration? Say it together now: pinterest! And I came across this cute snowman ornament:
Notice how small that picture is? That is how big it was on pinterest, and when I clicked on the picture and it took me to the lady's blog, it was the wrong link, so, no instructions. So I smooshed my face right up to the computer screen to see if I could tell how it was made. (Later I went back to her blog and eventually found the correct link, so if you click on the picture, it should take you to her instructions. But you don't need hers, 'cause I'm about to give you mine!)
First, we chose a piece of cardstock for the background and I ripped off a piece of cream for the snow.
Here we're taping the snow on:
Then since I thought the snowmen were made out of different size fingerprints,
we chose a color and fingerpainted:
We had glitter to sprinkle on the snowmen to add another dimension to them, but I forgot I should put the glitter on while the paint was still wet and I sent my painter to go wash. I remembered as soon as he was out of earshot--and I am being serious here. I sat downstairs with my head tilted up, kinda staring into space, listening to make sure he closed the door at the top of the stairs. When I heard it latch, I looked down and saw the glitter. So I just did it:
Then it was time for bed, so the next day we finished. I have no idea what he's doing in this picture,
probably deciding which piece of fun belongs on which snowman.
We raided my nail salon stash (long story) and found some super cool stuff to dress up the snowmen with.
I have to pause here and give a shout-out to Target for having these awesome bowls on sale one day, but I'm also very mad at Target because I only bought one set of 4, and I haven't been able to find them again. They are the perfect size for carrying snowman-bound treasures in.
Other than the paper and the paint, all the rest came from my nail salon stash. Although, it seems like the basket of paint I have came from there, too. There is nail paint in the Anyway, ornament #1 is finished and stored somewhere that bad guys wouldn't think to look, waiting for the tree to be put up. He kept wanting alien snowmen, with one eye, or three eyes, or with the eyes one on top of the other. I'm just glad I convinced him we needed regular snowmen on our tree. And yes, I realized after I glued that the ribbon is on upside-down. Oh well.


10/31/2012 3:53pm

so cute! I love all the pictures of your little crafter! I hope Rylea loves to make crafts too!

10/31/2012 4:59pm

ADORABLE! I love the cute craft--and the cute crafter just made my day! (Alyssa--Rylea will love to craft too--no doubt in my mind!)

11/01/2012 11:18am

they turned out so cute. love the googly eyes.


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