In his second grade Animal Science PACE, there was a craft to go along with what he had been learning. The PACE is about sheep and lambs, and how Jesus is our Good Shepherd. I have learned that shepherd is spelled with two e's and no a's, and my second grader has learned that shepherd is spelled with a ph, not an hp. So, bring on the craft! and yes, we were having snack also.
We were supposed to use a paper grocery sack, but who has those anymore? I cut a mailing envelope in half and taped down the corners and it worked just fine. And here he is, my little lost sheep, telling the story from Luke 15.
I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of crafts at home--it is strange, because I love doing crafts, I just don't like the craft in pieces scattered throughout the house two weeks later. Big crafts, I have learned, to take a picture of and then we toss it after three or so days. Little crafts (paper crafts, mostly) we tape onto one of the walls for a while. When it falls off (or there's no more room), we take a picture and throw it away.

All that to say that I'm glad we made the sheep head. It was fun. And doesn't he look (and sound) so cute!


08/16/2012 5:13pm

He he certainly does!! Love it!!

08/16/2012 11:18pm

That sheep mask is hilarious! I don't think I could have kept a straight face! Great idea.

08/17/2012 12:23pm

I will have to come back to this one! The library computers don't have sound and I didn't bring my headphones... :( But super cute!!!


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